Thinking about advertising and trust, together?


Sometimes I reach first for the Sunday circulars and peruse the household hardware, electronics and/or sporting equipment that I covet more often than I buy. Usually, however, I glance over ads without so much as a notice. What makes the difference in my interest, and how do my advertising tolerances differ from, say, those of my teenagers?

A  Business Week article imagintively titled, “Didja C That Kewl Ad?” suggests that:

“these new consumers are turning the marketing canon on its head. Take their attitude towards ads. While boomers mistrust advertising, their kids love it–if it’s witty and not condescending. To them, ads can be an alternative form of entertainment.”

Generally that impulse is lost on me. I don’t even watch Superbowl ads. For me an advertisement is a tool to shopping for something I want or vicariously enjoying that which I cannot currently afford. But my intake is limited. Today’s consumer is tuned in and turned on to many hours of media. I could find no reliable numbers for advertising exposure and effects. I’ll have to look harder. Seems like someone would be publicly studying advertising exposure and effects.