Something Old, Something New

The Voice of San Diego, a citizen journalism site organized in a public-radio sponsorship format, is celebrating its first year. I blogged about the site last May.

A message from its community development director Denise Scatena reminded me to check it out again. Not much has been written about the site since the Online Journalism Review article that prompted my blog article a year ago. But the site was mentioned favorably in an essay on citizen journalism business models.

On the new side, noted blogger Mary Hodder has taken the wraps off a video aggregation and creation site called Dabble. A concise writeup in UnderTheRadar provides details:

“You sign up for Dabble and create a personal page. Then when you see a video you like on YouTube,, Revver, etc. you hit “DabbleIt” and it’s listed on your playlist on your Dabble page. Of course, you can tag it. Dabble provides users tools to support a remix community — playlist, search, browser, ask and share functions are all good to go … “

Other tools are in the works. Good luck to Mary and the Dabblers.

Tom Abate
‘Cause if you ain’t Mass Media, you’re Mini Media