The (Good) Knight Challenge

The Knight Brothers Foundation, philanthropic offshoot of one of the great newspaper empires of the past, will offer $5 million in 2007, and $25 million over the next five years to support “new ideas, pilot projects, commercial products and leadership initiatives that will improve the flow of information and news in the public interest … […]

When crowdsourcing meets broadcasting

Crowdsourcing is the term coined to describe using an audience to generate some form of content, from simple feedback to fully fledged stories or artistic creations. CNN is now poised to put its broadcast — and online — muscle behind an experiment in crowdsourcing as MediaWeek reports: “Time Warner’s CNN this week will enter YouTube territory with […]

Window into Online News Association Conference

Poynter commentator Barb Iverson has written a neat digest of goings on at the Online News Association conference in Toronto. No sense in double digesting her digest; so give her synthesis a read. You should also visit the conference blog for the record.  I got a few ideas simply by reading through the schedule: such as the panel discussion on using “serious games” […]

Nonprofit journalism no panacea for nation of digital idiots; still, see leads to grant $$$ below.

 Former 60 Minutes producer turned investigative guru Charles Lewis wonders whether kick-ass, take-names journalism should follow the “The Nonprofit Road.” Charles Lewis is a news-mensch, okay. Let’s get that out of the way. But despite is the passion, there is a fatal flaw in his Columbia Journalism Review article on the the failures of mainstream media and the prospect that foundation-supported journalism could […] philanthropy to prime journalism pump?

  Joel Kramer to bring public radio model to the web? From Minneapolis comes news that Joel Kramer, former publisher of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, has lined up $1.1. million ($850K from four Twin Cities’ families plus $250K in Knight Foundation support) to launch a five-day, web-based daily called Industry zine Paid Content says the new site “will feature traditional-style front […]

Map it and monetize it?

I’ve just returned home from four days in the redwoods of Humboldt County. On the six hour drive from Eureka to the Bay Area I stopped at a roadside rest just before the Avenue of the Giants, the scenic drive that parallels Highway 101. The sign called the local redwoods remnants of the greatest forest […]