E-paper lets you zoom in on the staple

I like to take long hops on the beach and . . .

I like to take long hops on the beach and . . .

Paid Content points to a USA Today article about Zinio, a company that publishes web editions of magazine content. The article says:

“digital editions let readers click on links embedded in articles and ads to peruse video, audio and related stories.”

Subscribers pay for this richer experience. Why? Playboy is among the 750 magazines in Zinio’s stable.  USA Today reporter Jon Swartz says since Zinio launched e-Playboy in 2005:

“it has sold some 1.7 million digital issues. They cost $19.97 for a dozen issues, and $4.99 for a single issue. (Playboy‘s average annual magazine circulation is 2.6 million.) Main selling points of the digital magazine version include the ability to zoom in and out on photos, view video and photo outtakes and listen to music clips.”

The article notes that “paid circulation of consumer magazines fell 1.7%, to $277 million” in the second half of 2007, continuing a seven year slide since paid circulation peaked in 2000. We are told that “70% of newsstand copies go unsold” making e-displays a green technology — as in saving trees and money. “Playboy, for example, has saved $1.2 million from lower manufacturing, distribution, paper and postal costs.”