Are you crowdsourcing? Tell OJR

Photo credit: Andres Rodriguez New media asks the audience

Online Journalism Review is trying to gather “examples of journalists and news organizations using online crowdsourcing in their news reporting.”

Crowdsourcing is the term coined by Wired Magazine to describe the use of interactive media to harvest feedback from readers, viewers, customers or client — then sift or winnow these incoming signals to republish a new version of events or otherwise improve whatever product or service may be involved.

It’s a New Agey concept but one that news media and other traditional communicators must embrace because interactivity is the message of the Internet — it’s feedback that makes today and the future different from everything since Gutenberg.

OJR editor Robert Niles has cast a pretty wide net in terms of seeking examples so read his piece and comment if you have something to share.

(The above graphic is borrowed from a blog entry by Luigi Canali de Rossi on user-generated content in marketing. Photo credit: Andres Rodriguez)