Ad networks help small web sites get advertising


Romulus & Remus are suckled by a wolf

Small websites have similar trouble finding nourishment

Advertising is the mother’s milk of media but so far momma has played favorites online. A 2005 report said 96 percent of advertising revenues went to the top 50 online destinations (details). That doesn’t leave much for the millions of other sites that would like to suckle.

In this vein Diane Mermigas writes for Online Media Daily about OpenX — as in exchange – which she paints as the plucky competitor to Google when it comes to offering “small and mid-sized publishers” search and mobile advertising. Mermigas — I believe she used to write for the Hollywood Reporter — goes on to say that:

“OpenX generally receives singe to low double digit percentage commissions, compared to the booming number of ad networks that command 20% to 80% of the advertising buys.”

For more check out the OpenX blog.

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Lost on me completely is the comparison or contrast between OpenX and ADSDAQ which sounds to me to be a similar type of operation. Perhaps there are so many of these ad exchanges sprouting that online media have trouble telling them apart. Here’s a press release about ADSDAQ.

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Newspaper publishers recently formed a national sales outlet called quadrantONE. Though it was created by newspapers, presumably to serve their interests, I would expect it to reach out to other web sites so I mention it in this context. Here is an article about the new initiative.