A trustworthy reporter from the war zone?


We won’t get fooled again?

I’ve been disgusted for the most part with the press coverage from Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran, as my main suspicion is that we have been fed lies by officials intent on misleading the nation into war. Thus I was pleased to read an Editor & Publisher  story about foreign affairs reporter “Jonathan Landay . . . (who) . . .  earned much praise for being among the few who repeatedly questioned the validity of White House claims of Iraqi WMDs.”

The E&P article drew attention to a piece that Landay had written in November debunking U.S. claims that Iran — aka Persia — was now the imminent threat. Referencing the charges of an Iranian nuclear arm program, E&P said “Bush and Cheney’s allegations are under especially close scruting because their similar allegations about an Iraqi nuclear program proved to be wrong.”

Ya think?

Anyhow, the zone of falsehoods has now shifted to Pakistan, where the question is who killed Benazir Bhutto. I homeschool my 14-year-old son and a few weeks ago I had started a geography program focused on modern Pakistan and thus was more attuned to Bhutto’s death. Early news reports blamed Al Qaeda. I shook my head and went looking for Landy’s reportage. Let me suggest you do the same.