CBS to Star Trek: today is a good day to die

tn_star-ship.jpg Are fan sites the ‘comic strips’ of Web media?

Newspapers have long since discovered that a new lineup on the comics page can produce more feedback and outrage than front page stories or publishers’ crusades. Will the web relearn that lesson around fan sites?

A bit in Paid Content reports that “the staff of has been beamed out of CBS Interactive . . .  according to a post on the site . . . (that says) . . .  We don’t know the ultimate fate of this site, which has served millions of Star Trek fans for the last thirteen years.”

Paid Content notes that “the comment thread for this post was more than 200 messages, not all sympathetic, long as of Sunday evening.”

The Star Trek shakeup comes amidst a restructuring at CBS that seems to be moving more of its online operations to San Francisco according to this other report from Paid Content. 

I suspect the fears about are ill-founded. After all, if CBS is moving online properties to SF that fits right in with the Trek myth. Star Fleet is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. So maybe this is life prediciting art. At least a fan can hope.

Meanwhile, Trek fans may recognize that the headline of this blog item alludes to the Klingon phrase that translates as: Today is a good day to die. You can find the original phrase at the Klingon Language Institute which also offers an audio tutorial of that and other choice words.