Untethered! Verizon EV-DO beats cable, DSL


Verizon EV-DO lets me blog damn near anywhere

I am blogging for the first time using my new Verizion EV-DO service, a 800 kps to 1.4 megabit per second service delivered through a cellular modem (provided). So for the same $59.99 per month that I now pay for Comcast I will get comparable speeds, anywhere in Verizon cell country. Comcast supposedly delivers higher speeds but as their customer for seven years or more I rarely if ever got that speed. When I shopped the Verizon store yesterday the values were unreal. I for four of the EV-DO cards, normally a $170 purchase, for the cost of the sales tax! So now all the adults in my family will have untethered access. I also got a rather simple cell phone (an LG, a South Korean make, I believe) and the two year contract for that service (as with the EV-DO) in this case for $40 (450 minutes). I got the phone and the Verizon service because both come highly recommended by Consumer Reports. There is a tiny tale with the phone decision. I had been using an ATT Tilt, one of these new-fangled all-in-one do anything devices. But the Web access (thru the Cingular network) was rage-inducing slow. So I cancelled that, and I did not try the GPS or the other fancy features so what was I left with — a costlty, heavy gadget that I could not easily use for calling in or out or even seeing what day and time it was! So that went back in the box. Now with the ED-VO service my plan is to get, as soon as money permits, the lighest full-function PC laptip (or a Mac, but they are now 2-times the cost of PCs!!!). I’m thinking the battery life is a key; also quick booting and travel ready. This way I carry the PC and the cell and I am in business everwhere that Verizon takes a signal. I am pleased. That I was able to get the type of service to fit my needs and at a price I can afford. Oh, did I forget to mention: I will register today for a price break on the Verizon service through my employer’s discount program. Sweet! But not as sweet as when I write Comcast to cancel their crappy and costly broadband that never delivered on its promise. I will try to be polite.