NYT has job-seeking tips for online journalists

When the Poynter Institute interviewed Fiona Spruill, editor of the New York Times’ Web newsroom, the question was:

“What skills should I (as a young journalist) acquire or work toward acquiring to make myself more marketable for a Web position?”

Spruill, a Duke graduate who, we are told, “joined NYTimes.com in 1999 as an intern,” said she wanted people with “solid journalism credentials and strong technical skills,” adding:

“…On the technical side, we want people to walk in the door with a proficiency in Photoshop, HTML and blogging software, and an understanding of Web publishing systems. Experience in the production of multimedia — including the use of audio and video editing tools — is strongly desirable. For our more specialized multimedia positions, we expect to see an extensive knowledge of Flash and an understanding of how to integrate databases into multimedia presentations.”