Window into Online News Association Conference

Poynter commentator Barb Iverson has written a neat digest of goings on at the Online News Association conference in Toronto. No sense in double digesting her digest; so give her synthesis a read.

  • You should also visit the conference blog for the record.
  •  I got a few ideas simply by reading through the schedule: such as the panel discussion on using “serious games” to engage the audience. “After all, people learn better from doing stuff than from having stuff explained to them.”
  • And here’s something to look into later: “The Innovation Incubator Project, a collaboration among seven journalism schools around the country designed to harness the creative energies of college students to produce original, affordable, and executable new applications for and approaches to community news . . . under a grant from the Knight Foundation . . . Michigan State, University of Kansas, Kansas State, Western Kentucky University, Ithaca College, University of Nevada-Las Vegas and St. Michael’s College.”