Trust in short supply say pollsters, adman

 BIGresearch American Pulse survey: question on trust finds President Bush has greater cred than Congress, bloggers more trust than media

It’s quite a shock to have lower trust ratings than President Bush. But whether I think of myself as a blogger or media professional,  a survey by BIGresearch tells me that I represent an institution less trusted than the presidency.

People are angry at companies, too, says a MediaPost article that quotes Mark Serrianne, CEO of brand consultancy Northlich, talking about the new new media, not just the pros but the amateurs, the bloggers, everyone in between. Here is an extended snippet from Serrianne’s comments to MediaPost:

“Today, the appetite is never-ending. The appetite for programming is huge. And the news is being shaped in real-time. Not just delivered, but shaped. So in that environment, think recalls, Vioxx, product tampering. Think about the challenging situation toy manufacturing must have now getting ready for Christmas. We live in a constant state of catch-up. Newsrooms are called information centers, and viewers and readers are experts; journalists have their own blogs; they want information to come back . . . the term ‘credibility’ has changed. Trustworthiness is now the inclusion of multiple viewpoints.”