City Tools, quick followup: better review to follow

tn_cauthorn.jpg Bob Cauthorn understands that the complexity of the toolkit is a barrier to adoption; plans explanations and simplifications.

In a blog entry last week I took a quick look last week at CityTools, a new journalism authoring system, and ended up asking more questions than I answered. That entry elicited a call from Bob Cauthorn who said he had taken the questions in the (constructive) spirit in which they were intended. He also offered to invite me in to kick the tires and write a more informed review which I hope to do in the weeks ahead, after Cauthorn returns from a business trip. I’m looking forward to that as I continue to believe that CityTools has a a great deal of potential but as is the challenge with any complex system, it may require a good deal of upfront training or at least feature-familiarization even to understand what is possible, That’s a good place for me to add value. I’ll share when I have more to report.