Advertising roundup: Sept. 24

Briefly noted . . .

Behavoir uber alles? The Center for Media Research has summarized a self-serving study by behavioral advertising firm Revenue Science that suggests consumers buy more when the ads are served on the basis of past behavior (bought catfood, may want catnip) than contextual advertising (searched for “cat” and get cat-related ads).

Online immune to ad slump? MediaPost has published the results of a small poll of large advertisers who say that despite the economic weakness that may crimp overal advertising budgets, they intend to devote an increasing share of their budgets to online. Personally, I would make no plans based on the reassurances herin.

Bad news at a glance: Center for Media Research has created a summary table of the bad news I reported last week, of a slump in most ad sectors except the web and outdoor advertising. So it’s news you should already know but follow the aforementioned link to see the tables and explore the nuances.