Journalists: to keep your job, be multi-skilled

Mark Glaser, editor of PBS’s MediaShift says the chorus of stories about layoffs at big newspapers obscures the healthy job creation at local and online media. In a piece partially titled “Digital Additions,” Glaser reports that:

“Dan Rohn, a former reporter for the Washington Post who has run since the late ’90s, says . . .  job openings are still plentiful — including print jobs at newspapers around the country. ‘Right now we have 628 newspaper job openings in the U.S., from Alaska to Massachusetts to Florida to Indiana,’ Rohn told me. ‘It’s in small towns, and I think that’s because they’re owned by families or small chains that are successful and not being hit as hard’ . . .”

Glaser also quotes Laurel Touby, who recently sold her startup, for $23 million, as saying:

“(She) was floored when a large magazine publisher came to her recently for help in hiring a whopping 400 new digital positions over the next year, a prospect she says will be difficult because of the lack of tech-savvy applicants.

This is a great piece, with authoritative quotes and support. Here is a link again.

Thanks to Robert Andrews of Paid Content for pointing to Glaser’s optimistic piece.