Can visual metaphor help new media tell wonky tale?

I am pleased with a story that I wrote, in the course of my day job, for the Sunday paper. I am even more pleased with the accompanying vodcast. Now I am taking the unusual and shameless step of calling on contacts for feedback and/or viral distribution as you deem fit.

The story makes the point that the war in Iraq and future “asymmetrical” conflicts will force the U.S. to spend a million dollars for every buck our adversaries spend. I thought that rather important and thus formed the story around it.

The vodcast tries to make that same point in a visual metaphor and that is, of course, the experimental aspect of this — can we do wonky stories in new media or rather how?

If you have a chance to see either the story or the vodcast I’d be pleased to get any feedback. If you are on the web and can only look at one, look at the vodcast. It ia a cheeky presentation of the story that is, I hope, an invitation to the sort of viral distribution that gives web stuff its power.

You can find the vodcast at:
You can find the story at: