Stringless guitar makes music with no fret

tn_guitars.jpg Der Cuz noticed a squib in the New York Times about Hasbro‘s $70 Power Tour Electric Guitar, which eschews traditional guitar strings. “Instead,” writes Timesman Warren Buckleitner, “your fingers glide on a glassy, lighted fret board that picks up the electrical charge of your fingers — not unlike your computer touchpad — to sense the pitch.”

Buckleitner goes on to write:

“You can toggle between free play or tutorial modes and learn the 12 built-in songs, including six rock classics like “Wild Thing

That’s a 42-year old song being used to help drive a new toy into the market. I’m not sure what that says but that’s the fact. I wonder whether they’ll load “Summer Wind” into later editions, eh, Cuzzolah?