News Trust brewing in Mill Valley

In looking over a recent speech from Dan Gillmor, summing up the state of citizen journalism, he made reference to a project called News Trust that is:

“developing an online news rating service to help people identify quality journalism – or ‘news you can trust.’ Our members rate the news online, based on journalistic quality, not just popularity. Our beta website and news feed feature the best and the worst news of the day, picked from hundreds of alternative and mainstream news sources.”

I looked around to see how the site would work and the services page had the most specifics:

“our news review tool . . . lets our members evaluate a wide range of news stories and commentaries, using widely accepted journalistic standards to rate their accuracy, fairness and relevance. A different version of the tool can also be used to rate journalists and their sources, as well as the news organizations that publish them. This review tool features questions that best support important principles of journalism, based on codes of ethics and editorial guidelines from respected journalistic organizations .”

Here’s a list of sources they have rated.