Media futurists tout central power, spurn the democratic edge


tn_spider.jpgA new futuristic video is making the rounds and its title says it all: “The Future of Media: Google takes over the World by 2050.

How nice for Google. I’ll link to the video in a moment but first a thought.

About two years ago the EPIC video circulated. That mock documentary that suggested a merged Google and Amazon would push the New York Times out of the news business.

So now we have a second, well-produced forward looking “history” of the current media revolution and in both cases the creators envision a company at the center of the web.

A more positive vision would show people using media to control their world rather than being controlled by their media companies. Action follow imagination. We need a better set of imaginings.

Here is a link to Future of Media. It’s about 15 minutes long.

Thanks to Deep Cuz for spotting this video!