Social Media PR whitepaper; publicity tips


PR strategist Giovanni Rodriguez has co-authored a 15-page white paper that looks at the collision between PR, advertising, web design and other skills involved in bringing stories to the public using social media. The paper touches on topics ranging from the training required for the future communication student (see 2006 Report on The Commission on Public Relations Education) to a tips for attention seekers who want to use blogs and other viral media (do your homework; focus on connecting to the right people; “niche is nice”). Download the pdf here.

As long as I’m on publicity, Marsha Friedman offers these sensible rules for why and how small businesses or individuals should call attention to themselves:

“Publicity helps alleviate the apprehension some people feel when trying a new business . . . tips on how to attract media attention . . write a book . . . become expert on certain topics . . . offer solutions . . . write ‘how-to’ articles for your industry . . .  generating goodwill by . . .  establishing yourself as an expert.”