Doctors’ group says study video game ‘addiction’


Following on the media regulation theme that I noted in prior postings (here and here), the American Medical Association issued a statement Thursday calling for:

“more research on the long-term beneficial and detrimental effects of video game and Internet use, as well as a review of the current video game ratings system.”

The AMA statement noted shortcomings in the video game ratings in effect since 1994, saying:

“Research from a variety of sources, including the U.S. Surgeon General, links children’s exposure to media violence with increases in aggressive and violent behavior. Concern about this system’s effectiveness in alerting parents to violence and age appropriate content has led to attempts at both the federal and state levels to enact regulation of video game content and to better control the sale of inappropriate video games to minors. “

The U.S. Senate Commerce Committee apparently held hearings Tuesday on “The Impact of Media Violence on Children.” Here is a snippet from the hearing advisory:

“The Impact of Media Violence on Children hearing will focus on issues related to the impact of violent television programming on children, including issues raised by the recently released Federal Communications Commission (FCC) report, Violent Television Programming And Its Impact On Children.” (Link to 39-page PDF)