A magazine rate hike sees a pamphlet going into a bar and says …


In a posting last week I blogged about a Boston Globe editorial titled “Don’t Stamp Out Brainy Mags.” The Globe criticized media giant Time Warner for trying to get the Postal Service to adopt a rate hike disadvantageous to “smaller magazines across the country, such as The Nation, the American Spectator, Ms., and The New Republic.”


Though I ranted and raved I offered no useful advice on how to stop this. Fortunately Steve Converse of Free Press left a comment in which he supplied the action component.


I’ll excerpt from his note below, but first let me link the rate hike to yesterday’s posting Power to the Pamphlets. In it I talk about Adam Bellow and his PamphletGuys. They plan to produce $4 niche publications — and here I’m guessing — which they’ll sell through viral marketing on the blogosphere and deliver mail order to avoid retail distribution costs.



So independent magazines and pamphlets may be in the same boat. Fortunately momentum is building to reverse Time Warner’s self-serving plan and reinstate a fairer rate hike proposed previously by postal service staff. Click here to learn more or read the steady progression of newspaper editorials calling attention to the isse or here to sign a petition demanding action.