Giving Thanks

Pausing to pray

I’ll be brief this morning, as I must soon drive off to join my family in Sacramento. My wife and kids are already there, with her family, and we’ll have our Thanksgiving celebration later today. This is my favorite holiday for many reasons beginning with the name. I have so much. Not that I spend much time being content. Quite the reverse. But once a year it is good to have a forced reminder that I need for nothing. That is a state of mind quite apart from wanting. So today I realize that I have my health and career, my family and home, and many gifts in addition. Plus I have hope. Not for any particular reason. More as a frame of mind. That, too, is a sentiment that comes and goes but is more often with me than not, which is a considerable comfort. With any discipline I will refrain from over-eating today and take a good walk after dinner. My wife’s aunt, Thea Ellie, in particular looks forward to our calorie-burning exercise. These are the rituals we need to emphasize. The ones that we invent and which bring us together. All the other crap around this holiday we should ignore as best we can. Corporations have seized on every excuse to make us wish to consume. Such behavior has nothing to do with giving thanks and everything to do with wanting more. If you are an American, and this day is a celebration for you as well, then I wish you health and hope and whatever happiness it is within your power to realize. If you read this blog from abroad, realize that this set of days disrupts the normal schedule. I’ll probably not visit this space Friday morning and will see you next on Monday. Be well!