Late start

Off at a conference with a haphazard schedule and intermittant connectivity, here are a few things that have backed up over the week, starting with Susan Mernit’s nice writeup on Jay Rosen’s project in citizen journalism.

Read an excellent report from the European Broadcasting Union on IPTV on that continent where developments are further along than in the United States. Here’s a snippet:

“The Free IPTV service in France is an example of a successful IPTV service. It began in December 2003 and is a subsidiary of the Iliad Group. It currently offers a wide choice of broadcast and telecom services bundled together: 200 television channels (including EPG and pay bouquets), 30 radio channels, video on demand, HDTV, “multi-post” viewing, mediacentre with the FreePlayer, telephone services and broadband internet.”

One of my favorite groups, J-Lab, is holding a second citizen media summit October 5 in DC. Here’s the lineup of speakers and topics from last year.

Thanks to
Tish ( The Constant Observer) Grier who edits the Corante Media Hub, among other activities.She responded to a post in which I mentioned a conference that focused on placeblogs.

Grier, who attended that event, wrote to say:

“It felt more like the presentations were made by peers for peers. Many of us in the room already have experience with citizen journalism/new media/online journalism in some capacity, so we were able to give good feedback to the speakers. We’re actually developing a little core of “usual suspects” out here–folks like myself, Steve Garfield, Lisa W., Andy Carvin, and a few others It’s interesting to be involved and see it evolve.”

Now back
to the homeschool conference where I am helping my wife (who is one of the program organizers) by keeping the kids out of her hair.