Monkey see …

Several of the blognoscenti have posted their tips and tricks for keeping up with the flood of information. Start trying to improving your own technique by scanning this post written by B.L. Ochman Then click on this tip sheet offered by Graham Holliday and if you are a glutton for knowledge, view the suggestions offered by Bob Cox of Media Bloggers. Of course then all you need is time to incorporate these techniques into your routine. This I suggest you do by giving up sleep.

It’s who you know: Paid Content extracts this lament from a white paper predicting that entertainments delivered via the Internet will erode the power of old media content firms:

“A lot of the content industry’s problems come from insularity … Theirs is an exclusive club, massively reinforced and defended from outside influence. These are high-profile businesses with incredible popular products that see them fielding off requests from everywhere, all day long. Their cynicism has become institutional … They have got into a habit of closing the door to new people, ideas and new business. The only way in is to know someone who can make an introduction.”

Follow the money: Business-to-business magazines and newspapers are losing advertising dollars as online media continue to grow, according to a TNS Media Intelligence analysis as distilled by MediaPost. The TNS press release contains a chart with one other eye-popper: Spanish language media are gaining ad dollars almost as fast as online.

Newspaper industry’s take: The good news in the Newspaper Association of America’s most recent revenue report is that advertising on newspaper online sites grew 35 percent in the first quarter of 2006. The not-so-good news is in the chart at the bottom of the press release. It shows that the combined print and online grew half as fast in Q1 2006 as in the year-ago quarter because print sales, the important revenue stream, barely advanced.