Sunlight focuses public journalism

A wealthy lawyer and businessman, schooled in the ways of Washington, D.C., has provided launch funding for the Sunlight Foundation, a non-profit group desgned to teach citizens how to track their lawmakers and thus create a corps of public watchdogs. Online Journalism Review recently interviewed Sunlight’s executive director Ellen Miller. I wasn’t aware of this five-month-old group when I blogged about group efforts last week and it’s encouraging to see what the Sunlight people have already put together.

Take, for instace, Congresspedia, a wiki launched with the involvement of the Center for Media and Democracy.

The OJR interview has lots more details about ongoing projects, plans, allies, inspirations and philosophies so by all means read it if you care. (Thanks to Unmediated for pointing to the OJR piece.) I looked for a bit of background on Klein and found a few details in a University of Miami Law School writeup. The Washington Post ran a story and photo a few weeks ago.

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