What do I Meme?

For many a morning I’ve blogged under this mini media label that, to my way of thinking captures the Lilliputian-versus-Gulliver spirit of the times. Sadly for me, however, it’s just not a term that has caught on. Thus it was a real delight to read this comment written by Guy Kawasaki :

“I wish that I could be a full-time blogger. I love blogging because you get to be writer, editor, designer, publisher, and sales manager. It’s like being a mini media company–GuySpace?”

That is excerpted from a humorous confessional that Guy posted and is well worth reading for its chuckles and the insights. Many thanks to my pal Tim Bishop who noted the remark and passed me on that particular bit of encouragement — in addition to help me with some behind-the-scenes improvement to this primitive blog.

Tim also commented on my yesterday blog, in which I speculated about the potential for group investigations or reporting, by pointing to a Wired News article about a project right on point — a wiki that grew out of the DailyKos, that sought to enlist volunteers to examine documents obtained by the ACLU about the Guantanamo prisoners.

I put out some queries this morning seeking an update on the project — effects, outcomes, lessons learned, that sort of thing — and will report whatever I am able to learn.

(P.S. I’m racing against a deadline to post this morning but found this note on some of the downsides of wikis that is interesting in itself and for the link to the site on which it appears.)