Our(media) Principles

“Media is not just something done to us by big media and the entertainment companies.” That’s a line from the statement of principles enunciated by J.D. Lasica on the website of Ourmedia, which recently celebrated its first anniversary as a community, showcase and teaching center mini media publishers.

“With more than 100 video hosting sites having sprung up over the past year, we need to make clear why we’re here and how we’re different, and what we and our partner sites stand for,” Lasica wrote.

Desirable demographics? Political blog readers tend to be affluent men over age 40 who spend 10 hours a week skimming online sources for news or views they can’t find elsewhere, according to a non-scientific survey sponsored by Blogads and reported in the Washington Post. That sounds an awful lot like the profile of newspaper readers. Where are the young people getting their politics — or aren’t they?

Legal sounds: Creative Commons has published a legal guide to help podcasters determine such things as what they can and can’t use by way of previously recorded and copyrighted works.

Tom Abate
‘Cause if you ain’t Mass Media, you’re Mini Media