Talking, Teaching New Media

UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism is presenting a New Media lecture series next week. The talks will be webcast and stored for those who aren’t local or can’t listen in real time. Check the schedule at your leisure but here are two evening sessions that I hope to attend.

Jan Schaffer, director of the Institute for Interactive Journalism at the University of Maryland, will be talking about Your Media, Our Media, We Media. Jan is a former newsie who runs one the premier help groups for citizen journalism. I met her last year at her Maryland diggs and would like to say hello again. And a crew of Oakland Tribune reporters will talk about how to create visual stories using Flash to organize photos.

Beating Linkrot: Poynter’s Amy Gahran defines linkrot as links that go extinct — and then suggests a way to preserve a permanent copy of any page you find using the social bookmarking site Furl. Says Gahran:

“Furl is a great tool for any journalist — or anyone — to use routinely. You never know when the online source you cite will disappear or alter its message. It helps to have a copy of what you saw at the time you cited it.”

They’ve Got Males: MediaPost says Maxim, a magazine for men, will deliver its content to mobile devices by May. Rob Gregory, Maxim’s group publisher, is quoted as saying: “The first wave of mobile advertising will be directed towards young males … they’re the test case for every major brand in the country that wants to embrace mobile.” So now its mix of girls, sports, stupid fun and jokes will be coming to small (cell phone) screens near you — with a word from their sponsors. And lectures aside, that’s what new media may be about.

Tom Abate
‘Cause if you ain’t Mass Media, you’re Mini Media