In Service Day

Today I begin a new project within my mini media focus — pulling together a list of tools and training for self-publishers. I’m sure some resources already exist (please point me to those you know!) but there is virtue in pulling any such lists together, and then looking for ways to improve or embellish on them.

I’ll be working a group called the Society for New Communications Research organized by Jennifer McClure, who also edits the New Communications Blogzine.

I will “meet” some of the other members of the group via a teleconference this morning and, since I’m pressed for time, I must be more telegraphic than usual. This is less a blog post than a placeholder — and a promise that, with help from McClure et al, I may find tools I need to improve my new media craft and share whatever I learn with others.

Tom Abate
‘Cause if you ain’t Mass Media, you’re Mini Media