Whining Alone

I’m driven to drink again. Coffee, I mean, at a convenient hotspot while Comcast tries to reanimate my no-speed cable service. Ah well, with less time than usual to devote to my hobby let me point quickly to a two-headed podcasting item in Paid Content.

It’s not about the money is the lead in for the first punch in this one-two editorial package, which notes that “Sept. 28 marks the one-year anniversary of a Doc Searls’ podcasting treatise“DIY radion with PODcasting” that could be seen as the start of the Podcasting Era.” It also points to a retrospective on podcasting by Nashville publisher Rex Hammond (who helps firms or businesses looking to self-publish).

It’s so about the money is the second jab that includes a Wired News article about some of the money plays in pod-land, and a pointer to some material from Tim Bourquin who, with his brother Emile, produces a podcast business tips site (the Click & Clack of downloadable audio, perhaps?).

The Bourquin brothers will also produce a Podcast Expo in November. The Expo, in turn, sponsored Paid Content’s podcast coverage, we are told in the reports. Sponsorship of editorial coverage is an interesting innovation, not completely without precedent but surely worthy of note.

Meanwhile this is advertising that works. I had forgotten about the expo but will now check out the Podcast Brothers weekly how-to, and determine if I can spare the time and money (which is not large) to attend the event.

Tom Abate
‘Cause if you ain’t Mass Media, you’re Mini Media