The First Inch

Looking back on my first month of blogging, I managed to achieve a degree of consistency, which is good; a focus on new media business models, or so it seems to me; but no readers, which is neither unexpected nor demoralizing at this stage, although it is a condition I hope eventually to change for philosophical and practical reasons. If the new media space is indeed in the midst of a conversation, then a monologue in an empty room doesn’t quite fit the bill. Besides, it gets lonely. So in the coming month I’ll have to give some thought to outreach.

As for subjects, I’m going to continue exploring topics that either illustrate new media business models or may be useful in that regard. As should be apparent from last week’s postings on Linux and Slashdot, my definition of business model doesn’t necessarily involve profit (though I believe profits are ultimately necessary). My interest is in how people organize cyber-enterprises, with a particular focus on media.

But today the boys are out of the house on sleepovers, and I’ve promised to take my wife to Sunday brunch. I plan to celebrate the “success” of this blog, which began as a New Year’s resolution, and has achieved at least a wobbly take off. Though blogging isn’t rocket science, every rocket scientist knows that the most difficult part of any mission is overcoming the inertia and lifting that huge payload the first inch off the ground.

Tom Abate