Meet the MiniMediaGuy

Thank you for visiting my blog. Let me tell you why I started it.

The Internet is changing how we work, communicate, organize, and relax. The essence of this transformation is the ability to find like-minded people and join them in some common task. By enabling people to form new linkages, the Internet has ignited a vast experiment in social re-engineering. I want to join this experiment.

I step forward with gratitude and humility. Many people have come before me to create the tools I am using now. Many others have show by example how to use these tools to stir things up. I will try to build on their efforts.

Because time and attention are precious, I will keep my postings brief and focus on areas where I might add something useful. I’ve spent most of my professional life working in and around media, and am eager to explore the new business models arising around Net-based publishing.

To avoid monotony, I’ll point out noteworthy developments in science, technology and business. Sustainability and frugality will also be recurring themes.

In each posting I’ll try to point to some useful resource. Today I direct your attention to a white paper entitled We Media. It focuses on what the authors call “participatory journalism,” and brings together a wealth of useful and inspirational material. It is well worth a look.

Meanwhile let me keep my promise of brevity by ending here. We can resume the conversation later.

Tom Abate
January 2, 2005